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Why do Travel Agents need IATA?

An IATA-accredited travel agency is recognized globally as a professional agency. The IATA certification helps to establish trust with customers. It also significantly increases the revenue of your travel business and enables a powerful connection between airlines and travel agents. IATA certification is beneficial to travel agents in several ways:

  • It offers online travel portal access to IATA airline members. After signing a Sales Agency Agreement, IATA allows them to sell international and domestic tickets.
  • Travel agents are assigned a unique IATA Numeric Code for the global travel industry.
  • The IATA Accredited Agent logo boosts the online travel agency's credibility and brand visibility.
  • The IATA BSP, or billing and settlement plan, allows for more efficient invoicing and payments between travel providers, airlines, and travel agencies.
  • IATA certification ensures that all transactions with airlines are fair and follow standardized procedures.
  • The IATA ID card also provides travel agents with special deals and offers from over 1000 suppliers.
  • How IATA Travel Software is transforming the travel industry?

    IATA is recognized to be one of the most basic resources for a travel agent as most airline bookings are done through the IATA portal.

    To book through IATA, the travel agent must first register as an IATA travel agent. It is, however, possible to buy and sell tickets without becoming affiliated with IATA. Non-IATA/independent travel agents are all those who do this. These agents either buy tickets from other IATA travel agencies or directly from airlines.

    IATA accreditation greatly simplifies the business relationship between travel agents and airlines; currently, approximately 60,000 IATA travel agents worldwide benefit from IATA accreditation, selling US$220 billion in airline tickets on behalf of approximately 250 IATA airline members.

    We are the leading IATA travel software company, developing and deploying world-class travel reservation systems for both IATA and non-IATA agents. Top IATA ticket booking software consists of user modules (B2B, B2C, and corporate), service modules (flights, accommodations, car rentals, transfers, rails, and cruise), and a core admin module. We also develop native mobile apps for IATA agents to help them increase bookings by 30% on Android and iOS platforms.

    Our dedicated IATA travel software team employs best practices to make the customer's vision a reality by deploying world-class travel portals, online booking engines, corporate travel booking tools, and IBEs. Over the last decade, we have deployed several travel booking platforms that are linked to all of the major GDS and third-party APIs.

    We integrate an IATA-approved Global Distribution System for travel agents, enabling them to sell tickets directly online via their B2B, B2C, B2B2B, and B2B2C agents. We create IATA software for travel agencies, tour operators, travel aggregators, and hotels. We also provide non-IATA travel agents with ticket booking software.

    To thrive in the expanding travel and tourism market, you must have an organized and functional online booking system. We provide a best-in-class ticket booking system with a smooth user experience.

    As a professional travel technology company, we provide effective, high-quality software and GDS integration solutions to a wide range of customers worldwide.

    How we can help you grow your Online Travel Agency (OTA) Business?

    If you want to start a travel agency or expand an existing one in the travel sector, you must find the top travel tech companies and choose the best travel technology company that provides travel technology solutions with the latest travel tech trends to achieve a leading position in the travel industry.

    Working with the right travel technology company can help you effectively modernize your travel business. Are you still unsure about which travel technology company will benefit your business? Then we can assist.

    Travel companies trust us as our diverse range of travel technology products gives them a competitive edge. Our cost-effective and world-class solutions can assist you in taking your business to the next level.

    We have transformed many small and medium-sized travel companies into global brands by integrating diverse cutting-edge travel technologies. Our customers are 100% satisfied with our services be it B2B or B2C travel modules.

    We specialize in travel portal and app development, API integration, flight booking software, hotel reservation software, travel agency back-office software, booking engine, and property management system.

    Our solutions are suitable for small and medium-sized travel agencies, as well as large travel agencies, hoteliers, B2C travel agents, B2B travel agents, DMCs, consolidators, and online travel agents.

    We are a one-stop technology solution provider that provides comprehensive business solutions to a wide range of B2B, B2C, B2E, online travel agents, and travel business consolidators.

    We offer our customers comprehensive travel solutions that streamline business processes while also increasing business profitability via innovative solutions and services. Our solutions allow you to maximize business benefits while decreasing staff workload.

    We have a skilled team that has proactively implemented a travel booking system for clients of all sizes, ranging from large online travel agencies to small-scaled travel businesses.

    As a leading provider of travel offerings by developing unique and innovative online travel solutions, our team delivers software solutions for flight, train, holiday packages, hotels, cruises, and many more in B2B, B2C, and B2E modes. The team has served clients from all over the world for over a decade.

    With our top-class travel software and services, we’ve become a trusted brand in the travel industry. We maintain our dignity as the best travel technology company by providing clients with comprehensive travel technology solutions.

    Our solutions include a B2B/B2C Travel Portal (Flight, Train, Car, Tour, Transfer, Sightseeing, and Activity), Travel Agency Software, Hotel Booking Technology, and Travel Business Management, that ultimately enhance your Business ROI.

    In addition, we provide travel technology solutions such as travel CRM, back-office systems, accounting software, CMS, B2B/B2C booking engines, mobile apps, and others to help travel agents optimize business processes and increase business visibility.

    As a result, our expertise can surely assist the online travel industry to grow and improve business processes by providing end-to-end online travel technology services and solutions.

    We strive to deliver the best possible customer experience, increase travel bookings, and maximize business in the travel industry. Travel Technology Solutions provided by us are very affordable, yet we do not compromise our work quality.

    We recognize that considering your clients' needs is core to your business model, and we strive to help you develop productive and rewarding relationships as your business strategy evolves.

    We intend to continue providing our customers with holistic travel solutions that ease their business processes in the shortest time frame.

    As a result, as a client, you can expect updated online travel portals with high usability travel technology, a comprehensive control panel, a user-friendly interface, 24*7 technical support, and simple booking and payment options.

    How our IATA Ticket Booking Software helping Online Travel Agencies to grow?

    We are the leading provider of IATA Ticket Booking Software; our solutions empower Retail Sales, B2B Resellers, Tour Operators, and Business Travel Intermediaries.

    Our team has gained an increasing skill set as a result of interacting with our customers for over a decade. Our years of industry expertise as a technology-leading provider empowered us to establish a strong position and become one of the most trusted brands in the industry.

    In addition to connecting with global suppliers of travel inventory with own negotiated contracts, such as GDS and consolidators for flights (Amadeus, Galileo, Worldspan, and Mystifly), hotels (such as GTA, HotelBeds, Miki, Travco, Tourico, Hotelspro, and so on), car rentals, and so on, the online travel agency software solution must return quick results, offer maximum flexibility, and be highly secure.

    We are highly skilled at developing complete end-to-end IATA Ticket Booking Software for online travel agencies that deliver high-performance, affordable, and simple-to-use online booking travel portals that will help your travel company achieve online sales success.

    Our tours and travel portal development solutions for online travel agencies include travel portal development, hotel booking engine development, car rental, transfer, hotels, and holiday booking.

    We offer white label GDS and XML API integration for flight booking, hotel booking, car rental, travel packages, transfers, and bus booking. We understand the travel industry and provide solutions that help small to large travel agencies, tour operators, and car rental service providers simplify their business processes.

    We create popular travel agency software that automates sales, operations, marketing, and finances for inbound and outbound tour operators, travel agencies, and online travel agencies to help them manage bookings, package customization, itinerary creation, and quotation management to create a large portfolio of travel products such as hotels, flights, transfers, and activities to increase bookings.

    These Travel Technology Solutions include B2B/B2C Travel Portal, Third-Party Supplier Integration, GDS Connectivity, Inventory Management, Quotation Management, Itinerary Creation, Package Customization, Reservation Management, (Travel CRM) Customer Management, Payment Integration, Accounting, Invoicing, MIS Reporting, Back Office Management, Mobile Apps, Multi-Currency, Multi-Language, and other features to automate travel processes and improve customer experiences.

    Our professional team creates the best travel technology solution that is a perfect match for the client's business requirements to increase sales and productivity. Each of our members has exceptional knowledge in their specified genre and has invaded each development aspect of the travel industry.

    Our comprehensive suite of software products is designed to meet the needs of any travel agency, regardless of size, business model, or market. We provide reliable, efficient, and cost-effective travel software solutions for businesses.

    Software systems we offer for IATA Agents and Travel Agencies

    • Flight Reservation System
    • Hotel Reservation System
    • Car Reservation System
    • Cruise Booking System
    • B2B & B2C Online Travel Agency
    • Ticket Management System
    • Sightseeing Booking system
    • Transfers Booking System
    • Taxi Booking Website
    • Package Tour Website
    • GDS API Integration
    • Airport Transfer Booking
    • Travel XML API Integration
    • White Label GDS Integration
    • Accounting and Report system
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